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Teaching About Asia in a Time of Pandemic

Edited by David Kenley

Teaching About Asia in a Time of Pandemic presents many lessons learned by educators during the COVID-19 outbreak. The volume consists of two sections. Section one includes chapters discussing how to teach Asian history, politics, culture, and society using examples and case studies emerging from the pandemic. Section two focuses on the pedagogical tools and methods that teachers can employ to teach Asian topics beyond the traditional face-to-face classroom.

To Be A Water Protector

The Rise of the Wiindigoo Slayers

Winona LaDuke

To Be a Water Protector, explores issues that have been central to her activism for many years — sacred Mother Earth, our despoiling of Earth and the activism at Standing Rock and opposing Line 3. For this book, Winona discusses several elements of a New Green Economy and the lessons we can take from activists outside the US and Canada. 

Comfort in Contemporary Culture

The Challenges of a Concept

Edited by Dorothee Birke and Stella Butter

Comfort is a prominent and highly loaded concept, as popular discourses on cozy environments, safe spaces, but also the importance of “getting out of your comfort zone” attest. This volume is the first to investigate “comfort” as a cultural narrative and emotional touchstone in contemporary culture.

Female Identities in Lesbian Web Series

Transnational Community Building in Anglo-, Hispano-, and Francophone Contexts

Edited by Julia Obermayr

Julia Obermayr explores the first definition of a new format, the first representations of lesbian women in US-American, Canadian, and Spanish web series from 2007 and onward, as well as their reciprocal effects regarding identity construction and community building of their transnational, mainly female, audience. 

Thinking the Problematic

Genealogies and Explorations between Philosophy and the Sciences

Edited by Oliver Leistert and Isabell Schrickel

This book explores central scenes and conceptual elaborations of what historically has been called “the problem” or “the problematic.” The chapters contextualize the (re-)arising of this notion within the history of power and knowledge since the late nineteenth century, leading up to today’s neocybernetic fascination with control and generalized management ideas which form a constitutive part of the power/knowledge complex of environmentality.

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