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Indonesia: History, Heritage, Culture

Kathleen M. Adams

This work offers a concise, engaging introduction to the historical, political and cultural dynamics of Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation and home to the world’s largest and most diverse Muslim population. 

Keywords in Chinese Culture

Edited by Wai-yee Li and Yuri Pines
Like every culture, Chinese has its set of keywords: pivotal terms of political, ethical, literary, and philosophical discourse. This volume analyzes some of these keywords from different disciplinary and temporal perspectives, offering a new integrative study of their semantic richness, development trajectory, and distinct usages.

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Transmission of Acupuncture

Transmitted by Yang Zhenhai. Edited by Liu Lihong. Translated by Sabine Wilms. Introduced by Heiner Fruehauf

This book features a passionate and clinically relevant synthesis of Dr. Liu Lihong’s discipleship with Yang Zhenhai, one of the last remaining master practitioners of Daoist acupuncture in mainland China.


Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative

Chief Editor Lam Kin-chung. Edited by Cai Chimeng, Dai Jinping and Lee Hiu-wai
This monograph is a concise encyclopaedia of Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the national initiative, exploring various opportunities for the territory in the “Belt and Road” as well as Hong Kong’s cooperation with relevant regions along the routes.

Stars 79–80

Edited by Li Xianting and Huang Rui

In the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Stars group, Stars 79–80 collects their most significant writings, images and artworks. It captures the youthfulness and vibrant of a new ideological movement that swept through China with hurricane force.


The Chu Silk Manuscripts from Zidanku, Changsha (Hunan Province)

Volume One: Discovery and Transmission

Li Ling. Translated and edited by Lothar von Falkenhausen
The silk manuscripts from Zidanku, Changsha (Hunan) are the only pre-imperial Chinese manuscripts on silk found to date. This is the first in a two-volume monograph on the Zidanku manuscripts, presenting the archaeological context and history of the transmission of the physical manuscripts.

World Literature in Motion

Institution, Recognition, Location

Edited by Flair Donglai Shi and Gareth Guanming Tan

By bringing in different degrees of circulation in different regions and languages, this collection shows that while literary centers do exist in what Pascale Casanova calls “the international literary space,” their power does not operate unilaterally and modes of intercultural circulation do exist beyond their control.


India-Pakistan Strategic Relations

The Nuclear Dilemma

Christoph Bluth and Uzma Mumtaz
Christoph Bluth and Uzma Mumtaz scrutinize the atypical and seemingly paradoxical impact of nuclearization on the conflict between India and Pakistan. They demonstrate that the dominant paradigm used in the international relations literature is inadequate to explain the relations between India and Pakistan and develop a new explanation.

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society Volume 6, No. 1 (2020)

Volume 6, No. 1 (2020)

Edited by Julie Fedor, Gergana Dimova, and Andreas Umland
This special section deals with Russia’s post-Maidan foreign policy toward the so-called “near abroad,” or the former Soviet states. The contributors to this special issue are all regional specialists based either in Europe or the United States.

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