New Book Tuesday! A Light in Dark Times, Sacred Cesium Ground and Isa’s Deluge, The Experience of Injustice, and More!

Our weekly list of new releases is now available.

A Light in Dark Times

The New School for Social Research and Its University in Exile

Judith Friedlander

Sacred Cesium Ground and Isa’s Deluge

Two Novellas of Japan’s 3/11 Disaster

Kimura Yūsuke. Translated by Doug Slaymaker

The Experience of Injustice

A Theory of Recognition

Emmanuel Renault. Translated by Richard A. Lynch

Morphing Intelligence

From IQ Measurement to Artificial Brains

Catherine Malabou. Translated by Carolyn Shread

International Policy Rules and Inequality

Implications for Global Economic Governance

Edited by José Antonio Ocampo

New in Paper!

Carceral Fantasies

Cinema and Prison in Early Twentieth-Century America

Alison Griffiths

New From ibidem Press

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

3:2 (2017)

Edited by Julie Fedor, Samuel Greene, Andre Härtel, Andrey Makarychev, and Andreas Umland

Ukraine after Maidan

Revisiting Domestic and Regional Security

Edited by George Soroka and Tomasz Stepniewski

Multilingual Construction of Identity

German-Turkish Adolescents at School

Isil Erduyan

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