New Book Tuesday: Eating Ethically, Fracking Debate, Merchant’s Tale, and More!

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Eating Ethically
Religion and Science for a Better Diet
Jonathan K. Crane

Food of Sinful Demons
Meat, Vegetarianism, and the Limits of Buddhism in Tibet
Geoffrey Barstow

Earth at Risk
Natural Capital and the Quest for Sustainability
Claude Henry and Laurence Tubiana

The Fracking Debate
The Risks, Benefits, and Uncertainties of the Shale Revolution
Daniel Raimi

The Merchant’s Tale
Yokohama and the Transformation of Japan
Simon Partner

Premodern Korean Literary Prose
An Anthology
Edited by Michael J. Pettid, Gregory N. Evon, and Chan Park

Critics, Coteries, and Pre-Raphaelite Celebrity
Wendy Graham

Now available in paperback:
We Are All Cannibals
And Other Essays
Claude Lévi-Strauss. Foreword by Maurice Olender and Jane Marie Todd

A Search for Belonging
The Mexican Cinema of Luis Buñuel
Marc Ripley
(Wallflower Press)

Between Prometheism and Realpolitik
Poland and Soviet Ukraine, 1921-1926
Jan Jacek Bruski
(Jagiellonian University Press)

A Disastrous Matter
The Polish Question in the Russian Political Thought and Discourse of the Great Reform Age, 1856-1866
Henryk Głębocki
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Justiniana Prima
An Underestimated Aspect of Justinian’s Church Policy
Stanisław Turlej
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Armenia Christiana
Armenian Religious Identity and the Churches of Constantinople and Rome (4th – 15th century)
Krzysztof Stopka
(Jagiellonian University Press)

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