New Book Tuesday! Transatlantic Speculations, Triadic Coercion, Conversion Disorder, and More

Our weekly list of new books is now available!

Conversion Disorder

Listening to the Body in Psychoanalysis

Jamieson Webster

Race Capital?

Harlem as Setting and Symbol

Edited by Andrew M. Fearnley and Daniel Matlin

Triadic Coercion

Israel’s Targeting of States That Host Nonstate Actors

Wendy Pearlman and Boaz Atzili

Transatlantic Speculations

Globalization and the Panics of 1873

Hannah Catherine Davies

Incomparable Empires

Modernism and the Translation of Spanish and American Literature

Gayle Rogers


Twin Peaks

Fire Walk with Me

Lindsay Hallam

Studying Ida

Sheila Skaff

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