New Book Tuesday! Out of the Dark Night, Aimlessness, and More!

Our weekly list of new books is now available!


Out of the Dark Night

Essays on Decolonization

Achille Mbembe

Out of the Dark Night reconstructs critical theory’s historical and philosophical framework for understanding colonial and postcolonial events and expands our sense of the futures made possible by decolonization.


Tom Lutz

Aimlessness collects ideas and stories from around the world that value indirection, wandering, getting lost, waiting, meandering, lingering, sitting, laying about, daydreaming, and other ways to be open to possibility, chaos, and multiplicity. 


The Betrayal of Substance

Death, Literature, and Sexual Difference in Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit”

Mary C. Rawlinson

Demonstrating how the power of Hegel’s phenomenological method goes beyond even Hegel’s own project of a pure logic, The Betrayal of Substance is a magisterial rereading of the Phenomenology of Spirit that encompasses crucially overlooked sites of complexity and difference.

New In Paper!

American Resistance

From the Women’s March to the Blue Wave

Dana R. Fisher

American Resistance traces activists from the streets back to the communities and congressional districts around the country where they live, work, and vote.


The Microeconomic Mode

Political Subjectivity in Contemporary Popular Aesthetics

Jane Elliott

The Microeconomic Mode combines revelatory close readings of key literary and popular texts with significant theoretical interventions to identify how an aesthetics of choice has reshaped our contemporary understanding of what it means to be human.

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