Book Excerpt! On the Screen: Displaying the Moving Image, 1926–1942, by Ariel Rogers

There is no other book remotely like this. On the Screen is original in the material it unearths and discusses, offering an innovative history of film and technology. It strikes an easy balance between big ideas and focused analysis, addressing unmapped screen dynamics as crucial elements of cinema.

~ Haidee Wasson, author of Museum Movies: The Museum of Modern Art and the Birth of Art Cinema

Today, in a world of smartphones, tablets, and computers, screens are a pervasive part of daily life. In On the Screen: Displaying the Moving Image, 1926–1942, Ariel Rogers rethinks the history of moving images by exploring how experiments with screen technologies in and around the 1930s changed the way films were produced, exhibited, and experienced. Rogers reveals the role screens played at the height of the era of “classical” Hollywood cinema and explains why they are far from inert. In this introduction, Rogers gives a brief background on modern screens and her research.

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