The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

We are happy to announce that The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines by Michael E. Mann is now available as a book and an e-book. Please note that two corrections will be made to the upcoming second printing of the book. The 1995 IPCC report referenced in the epigraph on page 1 and on page 108 is the Second Assessment Report, not the Third Assessment Report.

A further correction will be made to the next printing of the book. On page 18, the following figures will be corrected: “another 2C (3.5F) warming…” should be “another 1.5C (2.5F) warming,” “(for a total of 3C or 5F warming)…” should be “(for a total of 2C or 3.5F warming)…,” and “another 2C of warming…” should be “a total of 2C of warming…”

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