Book Excerpt! Make It the Same, by Jacob Edmond (introduction)

With its revisionist echoes of Pound’s ‘make it new,’ Make It the Same is theoretically generative for thinking about modernist, contemporary, and world literature. Edmond powerfully demonstrates how the new media of repetition have generated a poetics of the same, a ‘copy poetry’ that remixes prior poetries in global trajectories outside Eurocentric, center/periphery literary studies. A path-breaking book for post-1950s literature!

~Susan Stanford Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

We are continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month with this excerpt from Make It the Same: Poetry in the Age of Global Media, by Jacob Edmond! This work tracks the rise of copy poetry across media, from dub poets in the Caribbean to digital parodists in China, samizdat wordsmiths in Russia to Twitter-trolling provocateurs in the United States. In this introduction, Edmond explains the ubiquity of repetition in culture and the ways in which copying is advancing.

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