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Popular Music and Public Diplomacy

Transnational and Transdisciplinary Perspectives

Edited by Mario Dunkel and Sina A. Nitzsche

The Techno-Apparatus of Bodily Production

A New Materialist Theory of Technology and the Body

Josef Barla


Situated in Translations 

Cultural Communities and Media Practices

Edited by Michaela Ott and Thomas Weber


The Logic of Design Process

Invention and Discovery in the Light of the Semiotics of Charles S. Peirce

Tiago da Costa e Silva


Re-Discovering Age(ing)

Narratives of Mentorship

Edited by Núria Casado-Gual, Emma Domínguez-Rué, and Maricel Oró-Piqueras

Aging and Self-Realization

Cultural Narratives about Later Life

Hanne Laceulle


Who Can Speak and Who Is Heard/Hurt?

Facing Problems of “Race,” Racism, and Ethnic Diversity in the Humanities in Germany

Edited by Mahmoud Arghavan, Nicole Hirschfelder, Luvena Kopp, and Katharina Motyl

The Decline of Marriage in Nambia

Kinship and Social Class in a Rural Community

Julia Pauli

Art and Economics in the City

New Cultural Maps

Edited by Caterina Benincasa, Gianfranco Neri, and Michele Trimarchi

Philology in the Making

Analog/Digital Cultures of Scholarly Writing and Reading

Edited by Pál Kelemen and Nicolas Pethes

The Situationality of Human-Animal Relations

Perspectives from Anthropology and Philosophy

Edited by Thiemo Breyer and Thomas Widlok

Creating Realities 

Business as a Motif in American Fiction, 1865–1929

Erhan Şimşek

Finding, Inheriting or Borrowing? 

Construction and Transfer of Knowledge in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Edited by Jochen Althoff, Dominik Berrens, and Tanja Pommerening

Futures Worth Preserving

Cultural Constructions of Nostalgia and Sustainability

Edited by Tom Clucas, Andressa Schröder, Nico Völker, and Robert A. Winkler

Anonymity Performance in Electronic Pop Music 

A Performance Ethnography of Critical Practices

Edited by Stefanie Kiwi Menrath

Poetics of Neurosis

Narratives of Normalcy and Disorder in Cultural and Literary Texts

Edited by Elena Furlanetto and Dietmar Meinel

Land Grabbing as Development? 

Chinese and British Land Acquisitions in Comparative Perspective

Ariane Goetz


Powers of the Mind

Mental and Manual Labor in the Contemporary Political Crisis

Michael Bray

Negotiating the Borders of the Gender Regime

Developments and Debates on Trans(sexuality) in the Federal Republic of Germany

Adrian de Silva


The Transformation of Humanities Education

The Case of Norway 1960-2000 from a Systems-Theoretical Perspective

Vidar Grøtta

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