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From the Human Animal Studies series

Animal Labor

A New Perspective on Human-Animal Relations

Edited by Jocelyne Porcher and Jean Estebanez

Do animals work? Is it possible to work with animals without exploiting them? Might animals even be empowered through work? This provocative collection offers original answers to these questions and allows readers to think about human relationships with domestic animals beyond the well-trodden tropes of domination or animal welfare.

From the Urban Studies series

The Game of Urban Regeneration

Culture & Community in London 2012 and Berlin’s Mediaspree

Francesca Weber-Newth

Francesca Weber-Newth looks at two neighborhoods that are adjacent to large-scale regeneration schemes: the Olympic park in London and the Mediaspree waterside development in Berlin. Her analysis reveals how the concepts of culture and community are strategically employed in urban regeneration—to the benefit of some and the detriment of others.


From the Body Cultures series

Skateboarding Between Subculture and the Olympics

A Youth Culture Under Pressure from Commercialization and Sportification

Edited by Jürgen Schwier and Veith Kilberth

The inclusion of skateboarding as an official discipline in the 2020 Olympic Games marks the pinnacle of a decades-long process of commercialization and sportification. This anthology creates an analytical framework for understanding the fundamental conflict between skateboarding’s core ethos and the tenets of institutionalized sports.


From the Culture & Theory series

Arctic Archives

Ice, Memory, and Entropy

Edited by Susi K. Frank and Kjetil Jakobsen

This pioneering volume explores the Arctic as an important and highly endangered archive of knowledge about natural as well as human history of the Anthropocene. Focusing on the Arctic as an archive means not only to investigate it as a place of human history and memory but to take into account its specific environmental conditions.


Decentering Musical Modernity

Perspectives on East Asian and European Music History

Edited by Tobias Janz and Chien-Chang Yang

This collection investigates the concept of modernity in music and its multiple interpretations in Europe and Asia. Through contributions by both European and Asian musicologists it discusses decentering understanding of musical modernity, while attentive to the specificities of local music.


From the Design series

Design Dispersed

Forms of Migration and Flight

Edited by Burcu Dogramaci and Kerstin Pinther

This volume traces the complex and heterogeneous connections between migration and design in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The chapters clarify the challenges and possibilities of thinking together migration, design, and flight; historicize and discuss design concepts for displaced people; and bring mobile actors in design into focus.


From the Digital Culture & Society series

Digital Culture & Society (DCS)

Vol. 4, Issue 2/2018 – Digital Citizens

Edited by Ramón Reichert, Karin Wenz, Pablo Abend, Mathias Fuchs, and Annika Richterich

Digital Culture & Society is a refereed, international journal, fostering discussion about the ways in which digital technologies, platforms, and applications reconfigure daily lives and practices. It offers a forum for critical analysis and inquiries into digital media theory and provides a publication environment for interdisciplinary research approaches, contemporary theory developments, and methodological innovation.


From the Theatre Studies series

Energy and Forces as Aesthetic Interventions

Politics of Bodily Scenarios

Edited by Sabine Huschka and Barbara Gronau

This volume collects academic as well as artistic explorations highlighting historical and contemporary approaches to the energetic in its aesthetic and political potential. The contributions in this volume elucidate maneuvers of mobilization, activation, initiation, regulation, navigation, and containment of forces.


From the Philosophy series

Marxism and Intersectionality

Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality under Contemporary Capitalism

Ashley J. Bohrer

Ashley J. Bohrer argues that it is only by considering race, gender, sexuality, and ability within the structures of capitalism and imperialism that we can understand power relations. Bohrer explains how the purported incompatibilities between Marxism and intersectionality arise more from miscommunication than a fundamental conceptual antagonism.


Music Practices Across Borders

(E)Valuating Space, Diversity, and Exchange

Edited by Glaucia Peres da Silva and Konstantin Hondros

Reconnecting migration studies and the theory of valuation, this collection offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of transnational music practices. Through these practices, values are created and shared which connect a way of music making with objects and places of experiencing music unconfined by borders of any kind.


From the Image series

Pictorial Appearing

Image Theory After Representation

Kresimir Purgar

The proliferation of digital technology has changed our visual perception and the way we interpret terms such as “representation,” “immersion,” and “virtuality.” The principal thesis of this volume is that we are witnessing the transitional period of images as not-representation-anymore and not-yet-immersion. The author proposes the comprehensive concept of “pictorial appearing” that takes into account phenomenological, semiotic, and art-historical perspectives on both old and new images.

From the Political Science series

Power and Its Logic

Mastering Politics

Dominik Meier with Christian Blum

Drawing on two decades of international experience in political consulting, Dominik Meier and Christian Blum give profound and honest insights into the inner workings of power. Introducing their Power Leadership Approach, the authors provide a conceptual analysis of power and present the tools to successfully exercise it in the political domain.


From the Political Science series

Psychopolitics of Speech

Uncivil Discourse and the Excess of Desire

James Martin

James Martin draws upon the work of psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan as well as other continental thinkers to set out a new approach to the analysis of rhetoric and answer the troubling question of whether civil discourse can ever hope to escape its obscene underside.


From the Critical Dance Studies series

Resilient Bodies, Residual Effects

Artistic Articulations of Borders and Collectivity from Lebanon and Palestine

Sandra Noeth

Sandra Noeth examines the entangled experiences of borders and collectivity through the perspective of bodies. Analyzing contemporary artistic work from Lebanon and Palestine, she shows how borders and collectivity are constructed and negotiated through choreographic, corporeal, movement-based, and sensory strategies and processes.


From the Histoire series

Size Matters

Understanding Monumentality Across Ancient Civilizations

Edited by Federico Buccellati, Sebastian Hageneuer, Sylva van der Heyden, and Felix Levenson

Bringing together researchers from fields such as archaeology, museology, history, sociology, Mesoamerican studies, and art history, this book discusses terminological and methodological approaches to momumentality in both theoretical contributions and case studies.


The Politics of Affective Societies

An Interdisciplinary Essay

Jonas Bens, Aletta Diefenbach, Thomas John, Antje Kahl, Hauke Lehmann, Matthias Lüthjohann, Friederike Oberkrome, Hans Roth, Gabriel Scheidecker, Gerhard Thonhauser, Nur Yasemin Ural, Dina Wahba, Robert Walter-Jochum, and M. Ragip Zik

Many claim that political deliberation has become exceedingly affective and hence destabilizing. This book reframes the debate by deploying the analytic framework of affective societies—claiming that in all aspects of the social, affect and emotion are present. What changes are modes and calibrations of affective and emotional registers.


From the Lettre series

The Transformative Potential of Black British and British Muslim Literature

Heterotopic Spaces and the Politics of Destabilisation

Lisa Ahrens

This study investigates power, belonging, and exclusion in British society by analyzing representations of the mosque, the University of Oxford, and the plantation in novels by Leila Aboulela, Robin Yassin-Kassab, Diran Adebayo, David Dabydeen, Andrea Levy, and Bernardine Evaristo.


Time and Space in Video Games

A Cognitive-Formalist Approach

Federico Alvarez Igarzábal

Video games are temporal artifacts: They change with time as players interact with them in accordance with rules. In this study, Federico Alvarez Igarzábal investigates the formal aspects of video games that determine how these changes are produced and sequenced.


We Travel the Space Ways

Black Imagination, Fragments, and Diffractions

Edited by Henriette Gunkel and kara lynch

This book gathers a range of contemporary voices who, carrying legacies of five hundred years of contact between Africa, Europe, and the Americas, reach toward the stars and unknown planets, galaxies, and ways of being. Writing from queer and feminist perspectives and circumnavigating continents, they recalibrate definitions of Afrofuturism.


Whatever It Takes

Towards a Post-Crisis Europe

George Papaconstantinou

Europe is at a crossroads: a restructuring at the very least, if not a new settlement of power, is in the cards. This book attempts to understand what “post-crisis Europe” will look like, and what the opportunities are to rethink its economic, social, and institutional architecture as well as to address its nagging democratic deficit.


Seeing Ourselves

Reclaiming Humanity from God and Science

Raymond Tallis

In Seeing Ourselves, philosopher and neuroscientist Raymond Tallis goes in search of what kind of beings we are, and where we might find meaning in our lives. Showcasing a remarkably detailed engagement with a huge range of disciplines, Tallis shows the unique nature of human consciousness.


General Equilibrium

Yves Balasko

Written by one of the key pioneers in the field, this book offers an accessible introduction to general equilibrium theory. Written for undergraduates taking courses in economic theory and modelling who have limited mathematical proficiency, the book fills a gap between forbidding technical expositions and the less rigorous elementary ones.


From the Constellations series

Mad Max

Martyn Conterio

This monograph examines the film’s considerable formal qualities in detail, including Miller’s theory of cinema as “visual rock ‘n’ roll” and his marriage of classical Hollywood editing and Soviet-style montage. Taking in everything from the film’s extremely controversial critical reception to its legacy today via a string of sequels and the creation of an entire subgenre—postapocalyptic action—the book is for film students and fans alike.

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