New Book Tuesday! A Community of Scholars and Hire Purpose

Our weekly list of new books is now available!


From the Columbiana seires

A Community of Scholars

Seventy-Five Years of The University Seminars at Columbia

Edited by Thomas Vinciguerra

A Community of Scholars is a seventy-fifth anniversary celebration of the founding of the University Seminars. It brings together essays by seminar chairs and other leading participants that exemplify the diversity and vibrancy of these proceedings. The volume also features biographical sketches of Frank Tannenbaum, the Latin America scholar and criminologist who founded the Seminars, and his wife, the anthropologist Jane Belo, a close friend of Margaret Mead.


Hire Purpose

How Smart Companies Can Close the Skills Gap

Deanna Mulligan with Greg Shaw

Deanna Mulligan offers a practical, broad-minded look at the effects of workplace evolution and automation and why the private sector needs to lead the charge in shaping a values-based response. With a focus on the power of education, Mulligan proposes that the solutions to workforce upheaval lie in reskilling and retraining for individuals and companies adapting to rapid change.


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