Announcing Our 2020-2021 Business and Economics Catalog

Letter from the editor:

Columbia University Press is pleased to present our 2020-2021 new and upcoming titles from the Columbia Business School Publishing imprint, our economics program and our distributed lines. Columbia Business School Publishing focuses on value investing, finance, strategy, marketing, social enterprise, innovation, data analytics and decision science categories. We seek to bridge the academic, leading thought and professional practice while mirroring the initiatives and efforts of Columbia Business School to advance their fields and provide solutions for global societal problems.

We are featuring exciting new and forthcoming titles such as Joel Greenblatt’s Common Sense: The Investor’s Guide to Equality, Opportunistic, and Growth, Deanna Mulligan’s Hire Purpose: How Smart Companies Can Close the Skills Gap, Quality Shareholders: How the Best Managers Attract and Keep Them by Lawrence Cunningham, Joost van Dreunen’s One Up: Creativity, Competition, and the Global Business of Video Games, Python for MBAs by Mattan Griffel and Daniel Guetta, Making Great Strategy: Arguing for Organizational Advantage by Jesper Sorensen and Glenn Carroll.

Columbia University Press publishes titles in developmental and environmental economics, the history of capitalism, and the Kenneth J. Arrow Lecture series. Our award-winning and bestselling authors include Joseph Stiglitz, Bruce Greenwald, and Jeffrey Sachs. We believe you will find books to educate, entertain, and enlighten you.


Myles C. Thompson

Publisher-Columbia Business School Publishing

Director of Publications-Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing


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