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From the Asia Shorts series

The Great Smog of China

A Short Event History of Air Pollution

Anna L. Ahlers, Mette Halskov Hansen, and Rune Svarverud

The Great Smog of China traces Chinese air pollution events dating back to more than 2,000 years ago.

Critical Perspectives on Social Control and Social Regulation in Canada

Edited by Carolyn Brooks, James F. Popham, and Mitch D. Daschuk

This textbook introduces readers to theories and critiques of traditional approaches to deviance and conformity. Using vivid and timely examples of contemporary social regulation and control, this textbook brings to life how forces of social control and marginalization interact with social media, sex work, immigration, anti-colonialism, digital surveillance and social movements, and much more.

Mainstreaming the Global Radical Right

CARR Yearbook 2019/2020

Edited by Eviane Leidig

The yearbook draws upon insightful analyses from an international network of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners who explore the processes and impact of the radical right.

History and Race in Caryl Phillips’s The Nature of Blood

Maria Festa

This monograph examines Caryl Phillips’s The Nature of Blood (1997), a novel exploring recurring expressions of exclusion and discrimination throughout history with particular focus on Jewish and African diasporas and the storytelling of its migrant characters.

From the Postcolonial Studies series

Transgressive Truths and Flattering Lies

The Poetics and Ethics of Anglophone Arab Representations

Markus Schmitz

This book explores the formative correlations and inventive transmissions of Anglophone Arab representations ranging from early-twentieth-century Mahjar writings to contemporary transnational Palestinian resistance art.

Playing Utopia

Futures in Digital Games

Edited by Benjamin Beil, Gundolf S. Freyermuth, and Hanns Christian Schmidt

This anthology examines playful utopias from two perspectives. It investigates utopias in digital Games as well as utopias of the digital game; that is, the role of ludic elements in scenarios of the future.

Violence | Perception | Video Games

New Directions in Game Research

Edited by Federico Alvarez Igarzábal, Michael S. Debus, and Curtis L. Maughan

This volume compiles papers from the Young Academics Workshop at the Clash of Realities conferences of 2017 and 2018. From BA students to postdoctoral researchers, the young academics of this anthology stem from a spectrum of backgrounds, including game studies, game design, and phenomenology. This volume also features an entry by renowned psychologist Christopher J. Ferguson.

Plurinational Afrobolivianity

Afro-Indigenous Articulations and Interethnic Relations in the Yungas of Bolivia

Moritz Heck

This ethnography explores the experiences of Afrodescendants in plurinational Bolivia and offers a fresh perspective on the social and political transformations shaping the country as a whole. 

The Bureaucratic Production of Difference

Ethos and Ethics in Migration Administrations

Edited by Julia M. Eckert

In this book, each chapter analyses how organizational interpretations of the common good shape bureaucratic practices. Together, these ethnographic analyses reveal how migration policies in different European countries take shape in administrative practice.

From the Culture & Theory series

Postsocialist Landscapes

Real and Imaginary Spaces from Stalinstadt to Pyongyang

Edited by Thomas Lahusen and Schamma Schahadat

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, formerly socialist countries have gone through manifold transformations, whilst remnants of socialism remain ubiquitous. The volume explores various spaces of the postsocialist landscape, presenting a mixture of real and imaginary spaces, of memory and nostalgia, of aesthetic and political symbolism, of the global East and the global South, of academic and essayistic writing.

From the Culture & Theory series


Contemporary War in British Literature, Drama, and Film

Janina Wierzoch

In recent years, the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have had an impact on the UK rivalled only by Brexit and the global financial crisis. For people at home, the wars were ever-present in the media yet remained distant and difficult to apprehend. Janina Wierzoch offers an analytical survey of British contemporary war narratives in novels, drama, film, and television that seek to make sense of the experience.

From the Queer Studies series

Opacity – Minority – Improvisation

An Exploration of the Closet Through Queer Slangs and Postcolonial Theory

Anna T.

This performative book, a product of artistic research, is an exploration of the proverbial closet through linguistics, queer, and postcolonial theory. It is a project in which opacity, minority, and improvisation happen on the levels of content, analysis, and typography.

From the Culture and Social Practice series

Towards Shared Research

Participatory and Integrative Approaches in Researching African Environments

Edited by Tobias Haller and Claudia Zingerli

Shared Research portrays how scholars from different disciplinary and geographical origins and at various academic career stages strive for a more inclusive and better understanding of knowledge about African environments. The book is addressed to researchers, facilitators, and policy-makers to make a case for participatory and integrative approaches resulting in systemic and co-created analyses.

From the American Culture Studies series

Savage Horrors

The Intrinsic Raciality of the American Gothic

Corinna Lenhardt

Corinna Lenhardt uncovers the destructive and lasting impact of the Gothic’s anti-Black racism on the cultural discourses in the United States. At the same time, Savage Horrors traces the unflinching Black resistance back to the Gothic’s intrinsic raciality.

From the Medical Humanities series

Strange Blood

The Rise and Fall of Lamb Blood Transfusion in Nineteenth-Century Medicine and Beyond

Boel Berner

The book takes the reader on a journey into hospital wards and lunatic asylums, physiological laboratories and 19th century wars. It presents a fascinating story of medical knowledge, ambitions and concerns – a story that provides lessons for current debates on the morality of medical experimentation and care.

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