New Books in Film and Media Studies from Auteur, transcript publishing, and the Austrian Film Museum


No visit to the CUP tables at SCMS would be complete without a look through the exciting new titles we’ve brought from our distribution partners. 

New from Auteur

First up is the Auteur table, where you’ll find numerous new titles and books for both students and cinephiles. New this year in the Devil’s Advocates series, each of which focuses on a classic horror film, are Shivers, on David Cronenberg’s early-career body horror masterpiece, featuring a mad scientist, a heroic doctor, and zombifying STI; and M, on Fritz Lang’s paranoid tale of a serial child murderer. 

These unmissable, bright yellow covers over here belong to the Constellations series, which each focus on a classic sci-fi film. New this year, and right on time for a global pandemic, is the volume on Twelve Monkeys, Terry Gilliam’s madcap adaption of Chris Marker’s La Jetee. We also have new volumes covering Children of Men and Mad Max

Also from Auteur are several new entries in the student-oriented Studying Film series, with new books on feminist film theory, Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker, and horror cinema. 

As always, we also have the newest volume on the Hitchcock Annual at the both, this year featuring contributions from Arturo Silva, Henry K. Miller, and David Geven. 

We also brought a great selection of new media studies titles from transcript publishing. The Interactive Documentary Form, by Stefano Odorico, studies the emerging form of non-linear, participatory documentary filmmaking. Time and Space in Video Games is the first book-length study of how the perception of time is shaped in the rule-bound world of video games. Finally, Gerald Farca’s Playing Dystopia studies the dystopian genre in video games, providing a new account of the increasingly popular game format, and the player’s aesthetic response to these nightmarish gameworlds. 

Last but certainly not least, we’re very happy to have two new books from the Austrian Film Museum. The newest entry in the Museum’s long-running series on individual filmmakers, the volume on Ruth Beckermann is the first comprehensive English-language study of the influential German filmmaker. This year, the Museum has also reissued a classic, Film Curatorship, with a new preface. 

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