New from Our Distributed Presses! The Japanese Economy and European Studies

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From the World Economies series

The Japanese Economy

Hiroaki Richard Watanabe

Hiroaki Richard Watanabe examines the ups and downs of Japan’s postwar economic history to offer an up-to-date and authoritative guide to the workings of Japan’s economy. He highlights the country’s distinct modes of business network and Japan’s state–market relationship. 

European Studies

Past, Present, and Future

Edited by Erik Jones

In 1969 a small group of US scholars began discussing the possibility of starting a consortium of Western European Studies programmes. Europe was increasingly becoming an object of study and it was felt that greater coordination of the intellectual effort would help avoid duplication and further the acceleration of research. So began the Council of European Studies.

In commemoration of the founding of the Council fifty years ago, this volume brings together some of the most influential Europeanists writing today to take stock of the subject and to consider the most fruitful avenues for future research.

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