New Book Tuesday! Peace on Our Terms, Capitalism on Edge, The Ferrante Letters and more!

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Peace on Our Terms

The Global Battle for Women’s Rights After the First World War

Mona L. Siegel

Peace on Our Terms is the first book to demonstrate the centrality of women’s activism to the Paris Peace Conference and the critical diplomatic events of 1919. Mona L. Siegel tells the timely story of how female activists transformed women’s rights into a global rallying cry, laying a foundation for generations to come.

Capitalism on Edge

How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis or Utopia

Albena Azmanova

Capitalism on Edge offers a novel diagnosis of the current moment to reveal that the potential for sweeping transformation must come from an unexpected direction. Albena Azmanova demonstrates that capitalism is not on its deathbed, revolution is not in the cards, and utopianism cannot steer us toward a brighter future.

From the Literature Now series

The Ferrante Letters

An Experiment in Collective Criticism

Sarah Chihaya, Merve Emre, Katherine Hill, and Jill Richards

In The Ferrante Letters, four critics create a series of epistolary readings of the Neapolitan Quartet that also develops new ways of reading and thinking together. In a series of intertwined, original, and daring readings of Elena Ferrante’s work and her fictional world, they strike a tone that falls between the seminar and the book club.

New In Paper!

From the Gender and Culture series

Extreme Domesticity

A View from the Margins

Susan Fraiman

Susan Fraiman reformulates domesticity, freeing it from associations with conformity and sentimentality. Ranging across periods and genres, and diversifying the archive of domestic depictions, Extreme Domesticity stresses the heterogeneity of households and probes the multiplicity of domestic meanings.

Bad Advice

Or Why Celebrities, Politicians, and Activists Aren’t Your Best Source of Health Information

Paul A. Offit, M.D.

Paul A. Offit shares hard-earned wisdom on the dos and don’ts of battling misinformation. From conspiracy theories linking vaccines to autism to Holocaust and climate-change denial. Bad Advice is a humorous guide to taking on quack experts and self-appointed activists and a must-read for any American disturbed by politicized attacks on science.

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