Book Excerpt! Peace on Our Terms,by Mona L. Siegel (prologue)

A stunning retelling of the Great War’s aftermath and how women rose up at the war’s end to demand a different and better world. Siegel’s evocative prose transports us back in time and around the world as women from east, west, north, and south descend on Versailles in pursuit of their rights. Peace on Our Terms is a stirring, extraordinary tale of how the denial of voice to more than half the world’s people shaped our time. This is history and drama at its finest.

~Dorothy Sue Cobble, coauthor of Feminism Unfinished: A Short, Surprising History of American Women’s Movements

To continue our celebration of Women’s History Month, we are sharing this excerpt from Peace on Our Terms: The Global Battle for Women’s Rights After the First World War, by Mona L. Siegel. In this work, Siegel highlights the pathbreaking women activists who transformed women’s rights into a global rallying cry during the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, laying a foundation for generations to come. The prologue gives context to the role of women at the end of the first World War and the introduces the diverse women who formed the movement.

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