OAH 2020 Happy Hour Reads: New in U.S. History

Hello, and welcome back to the Columbia University Press Virtual OAH Book Exhibit!

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has locked down most nonessential businesses in the country, many of us are finding ourselves stuck at home with lots of time to ourselves. It seems I have a little more time to read these days. In that spirit, I’m pleased to share with you excerpts from two wonderful recent Columbia publications. 

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Oil Powers: A History of the U.S.-Saudi Alliance

In Oil Powers: A History of the U.S.-Saudi Alliance, historian Victor McFarland reveals the deep ties that stretch back to the middle of the twentieth century. Connecting foreign relations and domestic politics, McFarland challenges the view that the U.S.-Saudi alliance is the inevitable consequence of American energy demand and Saudi Arabia’s huge oil reserves.  Read the introduction now.

Peace on Our Terms: The Global Battle for Women’s Rights After the First World War

Peace on Our Terms: The Global Battle for Women’s Rights After the First World War, historian Mona L. Siegel follows dozens of women’s rights activists in the years after World War I who, excluded from the negotiating table, met separately, crafted their own agendas, and captured global headlines. They had a message both straightforward and revolutionary: enduring peace depended as much on recognition of the fundamental humanity and equality of all people—regardless of sex, race, class, or creed—as on respect for the sovereignty of independent states. Read the epilogue now.

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