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From the Devil’s Advocates series


Luke Aspell

Shivers (1975) was David Cronenberg’s first commercial feature and his first horror film. Luke Aspell’s analysis addresses shot composition, lighting, cinematographic texture, sound, the use of stock music, editing, costume, make-up, optical work, the screenplay, the casting, and the direction of the actors.


Central Bank Independence and the Future of the Euro

Panicos Demetriades

Over the past decade central banks have taken on new and expanded roles in an attempt to manage the global financial crisis. The European Central Bank (ECB) has been no exception. If anything, because of the incomplete architecture of the euro, the ECB has faced more serious challenges than either the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve. With the onset of the euro crisis, the ECB was forced to take on powers that went well beyond the conventions of standard monetary policy to prevent European Monetary Union from unravelling.

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