New Book Tuesday! Ocean of Milk, Ocean of Blood; Thomas Berry; The Limits of Tolerance and More!

Our list of new books is now available!

Thomas Berry

A Biography

Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, and Andrew Angyal

Ocean of Milk, Ocean of Blood

A Mongolian Monk in the Ruins of the Qing Empire

Matthew W. King

The Limits of Tolerance

Enlightenment Values and Religious Fanaticism

Denis Lacorne. Translated by C. Jon Delogu and Robin Emlein.

New in Paper!

Conquering Lyme Disease

Science Bridges the Great Divide

Brian A. Fallon, MD, and Jennifer Sotsky, MD

Extremism and Violent Extremism in Serbia

21st Century Manifestations of an Historical Challenge

Edited by Valery Perry

[T]axing Greenhouse Gases

An Australian Perspective

Lex Fullarton

‘Malleable at the European Will’

British Discourse on Slavery (1784–1824) and the Image of Africans

Helmut Meier

Women Political Leaders in Rwanda and South Africa

Narratives of Triumph and Loss

Naleli Morojele

Gender Equality in Context

Policies and Practices in Switzerland

Edited by Brigitte Liebig, Karin Gottschall, and Birgit Sauer

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