New Book Tuesday! Uneven Moments, Videophilosophy, The Dynamic Frame, and More!

Our weekly list of new releases is now available.

All the Nations Under Heaven

Immigrants, Migrants, and the Making of New York, Revised Edition

Frederick M. Binder, David M. Reimers, and Robert W. Snyder

Uneven Moments

Reflections on Japan’s Modern History

Harry Harootunian


The Perception of Time in Post-Fordism

Maurizio Lazzarato. Edited and translated by Jay Hetrick

The Dynamic Frame

Camera Movement in Classical Hollywood

Patrick Keating

New From ibidem Press


A Chapter in the History of the Ukrainian Revolution

Ivan Maistrenko. Edited by Peter Dornan and Christ Ford. Translated by George S.N. Luckyj

The Holocaust in Czechoslovak  and Czech Feature Films

Šárka Sladovníková. Translated by Nicholas Orsillo

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