New Book Tuesday! The China Boom, Marx After Marx, and More New Titles!

The China Boom

Our weekly listing of new titles now available:

The China Boom: Why China Will Not Rule the World
Ho-fung Hung

Marx After Marx: History and Time in the Expansion of Capitalism
Harry Harootunian

The Lioness in Winter: Writing an Old Woman’s Life
Ann Burack-Weiss

A Political Economy of the Senses: Neoliberalism, Reification, Critique
Anita Chari

Sewing Women: Immigrants and the New York City Garment Industry (Now available in paper)
Margaret Chin

For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond
Edited by Lisa Funnell
(Wallflower Press)

The Road Movie: In Search of Meaning
Neil Archer
(Wallflower Press)

Realism as Protest: Kluge, Schlingensief, Haneke
Tara Forrest

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