Book Giveaway! Thomas Berry: A Biography

A warm celebration of an environmentalist whose ideas are increasingly relevant.

~Kirkus Reviews

This week we are featuring Thomas Berry: A Biography, by Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, and Andrew Angyal. Check back throughout the week for a guest post and an excerpt from the book’s introduction.

Fill out the form below for a chance to win a copy of the book. The giveaway winner will be contacted on Tuesday, June 4.

The giveaway will be closed Friday, May 31 at midnight EDT.

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  1. I began reading Berry in 1988 atop a little mountain outside Anchorage; it was The Dream of the Earth. As I looked through the book I realized the Thomas Berry who authored it was the Thomas Berry with whom I long before took an undergrad course my senior year at Fordham in eastern philosophies. I was all attention. I thought as I read and have continued to think since that Berry is one of the half-dozen most valuable and relevant thinkers of our time.

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