New Book Tuesday: Cataclysms, City Folk and Country Folk, Design Thinking, and More!

Cataclysms: A New Geology for the Twenty-First Century

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Cataclysms: A New Geology for the Twenty-First Century
Michael R. Rampino

City Folk and Country Folk
Sofia Khvoshchinskaya. Translated by Nora Seligman Favorov.

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector
Jeanne Liedtka, Randy Salzman, and Daisy Azer

Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods: Early Humans and the Origins of Religion
E. Fuller Torrey

Quelling the Demons’ Revolt: A Novel from Ming China
Attributed to Luo Guanzhong. Translated by Patrick Hanan. Introduction by Ellen B. Widmer and David Der-wei Wang.

Why Only Art Can Save Us: Aesthetics and the Absence of Emergency
Santiago Zabala

Conservatives Against Capitalism: From the Industrial Revolution to Globalization
Peter Kolozi

Determinants of Health: An Economic Perspective
Michael Grossman

Rural Poverty in the United States
Edited by Ann R. Tickamyer, Jennifer Sherman, and Jennifer Warlick

Now available in paperback
The Con Men: Hustling in New York City
Terry Williams and Trevor B. Milton

Now available in paperback
Who Made Early Christianity?: The Jewish Lives of the Apostle Paul
John G. Gager

Silent Cinema: Before the Pictures Got Small
Lawrence Napper
(Wallflower Press)

Beckett, Lacan, and the Voice
Llewellyn Brown. Foreword by Jean-Michel Rabaté.
(ibidem Press)

The Instrumentalisation of Mass Media in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from Russia’s Presidential Election Campaigns of 2000 and 2008
Nozima Akhrarkhodjaeva
(ibidem Press)

Art in Battle
Edited by Frode Sandvik and Erik Tonning. Foreword by Karin Hindsbo.
(ibidem Press)

Poland and Slovakia: Bilateral Relations in a Multilateral Context (2004–2016): Essays on Politics and Economics
Edited by Joanna Dyduch, Igor Kosir, Radosław Kupczyk, and Jaroslav Usiak
(ibidem Press)

Skylarks and Rebels: A Memoir about the Soviet Russian Occupation of Latvia, Life in a Totalitarian State, and Freedom
Rita Laima
(ibidem Press)

Transregional versus National Perspectives on Contemporary Central European History: Studies on the Building of Nation-States and Their Cooperation in the 20th and 21st Century
Edited by Michal Vít and Magdalena M. Baran
(ibidem Press)

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