New Book Tuesday! Fathering from the Margins, Bad Advice, The Universe as It Really Is and More!

Fathering from the Margins

An Intimate Examination of Black Fatherhood

Aasha M. Abdill

Bad Advice

Or Why Celebrities, Politicians, and Activists Aren’t Your Best Source of Health Information

Paul A. Offit, M.D.

Reductionism in Art and Brain Science

Bridging the Two Cultures

Eric R. Kandel

Secularism and Cosmopolitanism

Critical Hypotheses on Religion and Politics

Étienne Balibar

The Universe as It Really Is

Earth, Space, Matter, and Time

Thomas R. Scott, with the assistance of James Lawrence Powell

Handbook of Direct Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989

Edited by Maria Marczewska-Rytko

Barbara Budrich Publishers

The Politics of Nuclear Energy in the European Union

Framing the Discourse

Pamela M. Barnes

Barbara Budrich Publishers

Towards a New Russian Work Culture

Can Western Companies and Expatriates Change Russian Society?

Vladimir V. Karacharovskiy, Ovsey I. Shkaratan, and Gordey A. Yastrebov. Foreword by Elena N. Danilova

ibidem Press

Vocational Interests of Youth in Ecuador

Inventory of the Occupational Preferences of Youth

Tomasz Wołonciej and Anna Paszkowska-Rogacz

Jagiellonian University Press

Brush, Seal and Abacus

Troubled Vitality in Late Ming China’s Economic Heartland, 1500–1644

Jie Zhao

The Chinese University Press

Chinese Society and Politics

Ambrose Y. C. King

The Chinese University Press

Conjecturing Hong Kong’s Future

Lam Hang-chi’s Editorials from the Hong Kong Economic Journal, 1975–1984

Lam Hang Chi. Edited and translated by J. S. Kung.

The Chinese University Press


A Comparison of the Russian and Chinese Revolutions

Lucien Bianco. Translated by Krystyna Horko.

The Chinese University Press

Wandering Mind and Metaphysical Thoughts

Gao Xingjian. Translated by Gilbert C. F. Fong.

The Chinese University Press

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