New Book Tuesday: Business Journalism, Short Selling, Hedonism, and More!

The Best Business Writing 2015

The Best Business Writing 2015
Edited by Dean Starkman, Martha M. Hamilton, and Ryan Chittum

Short Selling: Finding Uncommon Short Ideas
Amit Kumar

A Hedonist Manifesto: The Power to Exist
Michel Onfray. Translated by Joseph McClellan

Spreading Buddha’s Word in East Asia: The Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon
Edited by Jiang Wu and Lucille Chia

From Resilience to Revolution: How Foreign Interventions Destabilize the Middle East
Sean L. Yom

The Extinct Scene: Late Modernism and Everyday Life
Thomas S. Davis

The Death Penalty in China: Policy, Practice, and Reform
Edited by Bin Liang and Hong Lu. Foreword by Roger Hood

Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste (Now available in paper)
Ole G. Mouritsen and Klavs Styrbæk; Translation and adaptation to English by Mariela Johansen

Holocaust Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Images, Memory, and the Ethics of Representation
Edited by Gerd Bayer and Oleksandr Kobrynskyy
(Wallflower Press)

Cultural Heritage: Management, Identity and Potential
Edited by Lukasz Gawel and Ewa Kocój
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Ethics in Economic Thought: Selected Issues and Various Perspectives
Joanna Dzionek-Kozlow and Rafal Matera
(Jagiellonian University Press)

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