New Book Tuesday: A New Book by Eric Kandel, The Miracle Myth, Learning to Kneel and More!

Eric Kandel, Reductionism in Art and Brain Science

Our weekly listing of new titles now available:

Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures
Eric R. Kandel

The Miracle Myth: Why Belief in the Resurrection and the Supernatural Is Unjustified
Larry Shapiro

Learning to Kneel: Noh, Modernism, and Journeys in Teaching
Carrie Preston

Unspeakable Histories: Film and the Experience of Catastrophe
William Guynn

Negotiating Languages: Urdu, Hindi, and the Definition of Modern South Asia
Walter N. Hakala

Blood: A Critique of Christianity (Now available in paper)
Gil Anidjar

Fast Forward: The Future(s) of the Cinematic Arts
Holly Willis
(Wallflower Press)

From New National to World Literature: Essays and Reviews
Bruce King
(ibidem Press)

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