New Book Tuesday: Losing Tim, On Slowness, Photography and Its Violations, and More New Books

Losing Tim, Paul GionfriddoOur weekly list of new titles now available:

Losing Tim: How Our Health and Education Systems Failed My Son with Schizophrenia
Paul Gionfriddo

On Slowness: Toward an Aesthetic of the Contemporary
Lutz Koepnick

Photography and Its Violations
John Roberts

Rewiring the Real: In Conversation with William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don DeLillo (Now available in paper)
Mark C. Taylor

Conflict, Conquest, and Conversion: Two Thousand Years of Christian Missions in the Middle East (Now available in paper)
Eleanor H. Tejirian and Reeva Spector Simon

A Convergence of Civilizations: The Transformation of Muslim Societies Around the World (Now available in paper)
Youssef Courbage and Emmanuel Todd

The New Ecology of Leadership: Business Mastery in a Chaotic World (Now available in paper)

Parallel Lines: Post-9/11 American Cinema
Guy Westwell

Hadrien Laroche

Yuri Lotman

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