Tattooing the World Selected as Best New Book

Juniper Ellis, Tattooing the WorldThe Baltimore City Paper just named Tattooing the World: Pacific Designs in Print and Skin by Juniper Ellis as the best new book by a local author.

The paper writes:

Juniper Ellis has authored a tattoo book that is as respectfully inquisitive and scholarly informed as it is sincerely fascinated by the beauty of the art form. Ellis’s Tattooing the World not only explores the popular introduction of tattooing to Western society in the late 19th century but investigates its cultural identity meaning and significance, keenly viewing tattooing as a complex language that is simultaneously visual adornment and text.

For more on the book you can also read an excerpt, an interview with Juniper Ellis, or read the author’s posting “Living Ink in Pacific and United States Tattoo,” on

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