New Book Tuesday! Little Lindy Is Kidnapped and Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow

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From the Russian Library series

Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow

Alexander Radishchev
Translated by Andrew Kahn and Irina Reyfman

Alexander Radishchev’s Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow is among the most important pieces of writing to come out of Russia in the age of Catherine the Great. An account of a fictional journey along a postal route, it blends literature, philosophy, and political economy to expose social and economic injustices and their causes at all levels of Russian society. 

Little Lindy Is Kidnapped

How the Media Covered the Crime of the Century

Thomas Doherty

In Little Lindy Is Kidnapped, Thomas Doherty offers a lively and comprehensive cultural history of the media coverage of the abduction and its aftermath. Beginning with Lindbergh’s ascent to fame and proceeding through the trial and execution of the accused kidnapper, Doherty traces how newspapers, radio, and newsreels reported on what was dubbed the “crime of the century.”

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