New Book Tuesday! Exploding Stars and Invisible Planets, Live Sustainably Now, A Piece of the Action and more!

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Exploding Stars and Invisible Planets

The Science of What’s Out There

Fred Watson

In Exploding Stars and Invisible Planets, Fred Watson, an award-winning astronomer, presents the most up-to-date knowledge on hot topics in astronomy and space science, providing a fascinating and entertaining account of the latest research.

Live Sustainably Now

A Low-Carbon Vision of the Good Life

Karl Coplan

In this work, Karl Coplan shares his personal journey of attempting to cut back on carbon without giving up the amenities of a suburban middle-class lifestyle. Live Sustainably Now shows that there does not have to be a trade-off between the ethical obligation to maintain a sustainable carbon footprint and the belief that life should be fulfilling and fun.

A Piece of the Action

Race and Labor in Post–Civil Rights Hollywood

Eithne Quinn

Eithne Quinn reveals how Hollywood catalyzed racial politics in the decade after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, through representation on screen as well as in battles over jobs and resources behind the scenes. Based on extensive archival research and detailed discussions of films, this book examines the limits of Hollywood liberalism.

From Ruth Benedict Book series

I Am the People

Reflections on Popular Sovereignty Today

Partha Chatterjee

Partha Chatterjee reconsiders the concept of popular sovereignty in order to explain today’s dramatic outburst of movements claiming to speak for “the people.” To uncover the roots of populism, Chatterjee traces the twentieth-century trajectory of the welfare state and neoliberal reforms.

New In Paper!

Law and the Wealth of Nations

Finance, Prosperity, and Democracy

Tamara Lothian

Tamara Lothian shows a path to the reconstruction of the economy in the service of both growth and inclusion that would reignite economic growth by democratizing the market. Law and the Wealth of Nations offers a progressive approach to the supply side of the economy and proposes innovation in our fundamental economic arrangements.

From the Gender and Culture series

Extreme Domesticity

A View from the Margins

Susan Fraiman

Recognizing the labor and know-how needed to produce the space we call “home,” Extreme Domesticity vindicates domestic practices and appreciates their centrality to everyday life. At the same time, it remains well aware of domesticity’s dark side. Neither a romance of artisanal housewifery nor an apology for conservative notions of home, Extreme Domesticity stresses the heterogeneity of households and probes the multiplicity of domestic meanings.

From the Film and Culture series

Show Trial

Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist

Thomas Doherty

Thomas Doherty tells the story of the 1947 hearings into alleged Communist subversion in the movie industry. Show Trial is a character-driven inquiry into how the HUAC hearings ignited the Hollywood blacklist, providing a gripping new history of one of the most influential events of the postwar era.

Living Karma

The Religious Practices of Ouyi Zhixu

Beverley Foulks McGuire

Ouyi Zhixu (1599–1655) was an eminent Chinese Buddhist monk who, contrary to his contemporaries, believed karma could be changed. Living Karma reasserts the significance of this overlooked individual in the modern development of Chinese Buddhism.

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