New from Our Distributed Presses! Farming as Financial Asset, Market/Place, and Bounded Rationality

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From the Economic Transformations series

Farming as Financial Asset

Global Finance and the Making of Institutional Landscapes

Stefan Ouma

In a world with a growing population that needs to be fed, the financial returns from agriculture are sold as safe bets. The debate that this has prompted has seen financiers blamed for rising land prices, corporate enclosures, the dispossession of smallholder farmers and the expansion of large-scale industrial agriculture.

Stefan Ouma speaks to these concerns via an ethnographic journey through the agrifocused asset management industry.


From the Economic Transformations series


Exploring Spaces of Exchange

Edited by Christian Berndt, Jamie Peck, and Norma Rantisi

This collection of new essays rediscovers the physical space that markets inhabit and explore how the impact of political, social and economic factors determine the shape of a particular market space. The essays present new research from the fields of geography, economics, political economy and planning and provide valuable case study material to show how markets are contested, constructed and placed.


From the The Economy: Key Ideas series

Bounded Rationality

Graham Mallard

This short book introduces the field of bounded rationality to a beginning readership in economics. It is intended to be a tour of the key concepts involved in the modelling of bounded rationality, the approaches that have been adopted and some of the most revealing, and at times surprising, findings that have been generated. 

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