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Ideology Over Economics

P3s in an Age of Austerity

John Loxley

In Ideology Over Economics, economist John Loxley examines the expansion of P3s following the 2008 global financial crisis, when corporations responded to the crisis by lobbying governments for financial assistance and austerity governments responded by expanding financial resources for P3s. 

From the Digital Society series.

Political Participation in the Digital Age

An Ethnographic Comparison Between Iceland and Germany

Julia Tiemann-Kollipost

This book explores the potential of the internet for enabling new and flexible political participation modes. It meticulously illustrates how the internet is responsible for citizens’ participation practices changing from general, linear, high-threshold, temporally constricted, and dependent on physical presence to topic-centered, anachronistic, low-threshold and temporally as well as locally discontinuous. 

From the Theatre Studies series

Emerging Affinities

Possible Futures of Performative Arts

Edited by Mateusz Borowski, Mateusz Chaberski, and Małgorzata Sugiera

This volume is a response to the growing need for new methodological approaches to the rapidly changing landscape of new forms of performative practices. The authors address a host of contemporary phenomena situated at the crossroads between science and fiction which employ various media and merge live participation with mediated hybrid experiences at both affective and cognitive level. 

From the Gender Studies series

Right-Wing Populism and Gender

European Perspectives and Beyond

Edited by Gabriele Dietze and Julia Roth

This volume seeks to strengthen the analysis of the intersection of gender and race as constitutional for radical right discourse. The contributions investigate from different European perspectives the ways in which gender is used as an arena and as an epistemological platform for the ordering and hierarchization of political objectives.

andererseits – Yearbook of Transatlantic German Studies Vol. 7/8


Edited by William Collins Donahue, Georg Mein, and Rolf Parr

andererseits seeks to provide a forum for unique and exciting research and reflections on topics related to the German-speaking world and the field of German Studies. Works presented in the publication come from a wide variety of genres including book reviews, poetry, essays, editorials, forum discussions, academic notes, lectures, and traditional peer-reviewed academic articles.

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