New Book Tuesday! Measuring the Effects of Racism, China’s Fintech Explosion, and Universality and Identity Politics

Our weekly list of new books is now available!


Measuring the Effects of Racism

Guidelines for the Assessment and Treatment of Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury

Robert T. Carter and Alex L. Pieterse

A large body of research has established a causal relationship between experiences of racial discrimination and adverse effects on mental and physical health. In Measuring the Effects of Racism, Robert T. Carter and Alex L. Pieterse offer a manual for mental health professionals on how to understand, assess, and treat the effects of racism as a psychological injury.

China’s Fintech Explosion

Disruption, Innovation, and Survival

Sara Hsu and Jianjun Li

In China’s Fintech Explosion, Sara Hsu and Jianjun Li explore the transformative potential of China’s financial-technology industry, describing the risks and rewards for participants as well as the impact on consumers. They cover fintech’s many subsectors, such as digital payment systems, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, credit card issuance, internet banks, blockchain finance and virtual currencies, and online insurance.

Universality and Identity Politics

Todd McGowan

This book develops a new conception of universality that helps us rethink political thought and action. Todd McGowan argues that universals such as equality and freedom are not imposed on us. They emerge from our shared experience of their absence and our struggle to attain them. McGowan reconsiders the history of Nazism and Stalinism and reclaims the universalism of movements fighting racism, sexism, and homophobia. 

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