Book Excerpt! Asian Place, Filipino Nation, by Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz (chapter 1)

In restoring the intellectual history of the Philippine Revolution, at long last, to its pan-Asian context, Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz offers a startling new perspective not only on the history of the Philippines in that era but on the evolution of anticolonial modernity in Asia writ large.

~Erez Manela, Harvard University

Scholarship on the Philippine Revolution of 1896–1905 and the turn of the twentieth century in Asia more broadly has largely approached this pivotal moment in terms of relations with the West. In Asian Place, Filipino Nation: A Global Intellectual History of the Philippine Revolution, 1887–1912, Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz reconnects the revolution to the histories of Southeast and East Asia to better understand East-East and Global South connections that knit together the region’s experience. Read more in this excerpt from chapter 1.

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