New Book Tuesday! Asian Place, Filipino Nation, Sex-Positive Social Work, Management Fundamentals, and More!

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Asian Place, Filipino Nation

A Global Intellectual History of the Philippine Revolution, 1887–1912

Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz

Asian Place, Filipino Nation reconnects the Philippine Revolution to the histories of Southeast and East Asia through an innovative consideration of its transnational political setting and regional intellectual foundations.

Uncovering the Pan-Asianism of the periphery and its critical role in shaping modern Asia, the book offers a vital new perspective on the Philippine Revolution’s global context and content.

Christian Sorcerers on Trial

Records of the 1827 Osaka Incident

Translated and with an introduction by Fumiko Miyazaki, Kate Wildman Nakai, and Mark Teeuwen

In 1829, three women and three men were paraded through Osaka and crucified. Christian Sorcerers on Trial offers annotated translations of a range of sources on this sensational event, from the 1827 arrest of the alleged Christians through the case’s afterlife. The protagonists’ testimonies relate with striking detail their life histories, practices, and motivations.

Sex-Positive Social Work

SJ Dodd

This book provides an overview of key sexuality-related topics for social workers from a sex-positive perspective, which encourages agency in sexual decision making and embraces consensual sexual activity as healthy and to be enjoyed without stigma or shame. It discusses a wide range of topics including physiology, sexual and gender identity, sex in older adulthood, BDSM and kink; nonmonogamous and polyamorous relationships, and ethical considerations, including erotic transference.

Management Fundamentals

Steven Cohen and William Eimicke

Management Fundamentals is a succinct handbook of the essentials of management for current and future practitioners. Leadership experts Steven Cohen and William Eimicke concisely explain management best practices, aiming to equip managers with the tools of the trade and prepare them to tackle decision making.

The Cinema of Paolo Sorrentino

Russell J. A. Kilbourn

This book is a critical examination of Sorrentino’s work, focusing on his emergence as a preeminent transnational auteur. Russell J. A. Kilbourn offers close readings of Sorrentino’s feature films and television output from One Man Up (2001) to The Young Pope (2016) and Loro (2018), featuring in-depth analyses of the director’s exuberant and intensified film style

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