Book Excerpt! Unbearable Life, By Arthur Bradley (introduction)

By way of Augustine, Shakespeare, Hobbes, Schmitt, and others, Unbearable Life presents us with a generalized martyrology, reading with unceasing insights the remarkable figures of Cacus and of Jephthah’s daughter, of Robespierre and the Zapatistas, in order to diagnose and combat a nihilopolitics that, older and stronger than we wish to admit, very much persists today.

~Gil Anidjar, author of Blood: A Critique of Christianity

In Unbearable Life: A Genealogy of Political Erasure, Arthur Bradley explores the political erasure of individuals, social classes, racial and ethnic groups, and even entire peoples from ancient Rome through the War on Terror. Bradley provides an overview of “unbearable lives” throughout history and explains what the phrase means in this introduction.

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