Book Giveaway! Unbearable Life: A Genealogy of Political Erasure, by Arthur Bradley

A conceptual passage of extreme interest that, by rethinking the performative role of negation, widens the boundaries of political ontology. The sources used—ancient, modern, and contemporary—place this work at the center of current philosophical and political debate.

~Roberto Esposito, author of Immunitas: The Protection and Negation of Life

We are kicking off our feature of Arthur Bradley’s Unbearable Life: A Genealogy of Political Erasure with a book giveaway! In this work, Bradley explores the power to render life unlived from ancient Rome through the War on Terror. In readings of Shakespeare, Hobbes, Robespierre, and more, Bradley asks: What is the “life” of this unbearable life? He rethinks sovereignty, biopolitics, and political theology to find the radical potential of a life that neither lives or dies.

Complete this form for a chance to win a free copy of this profoundly interdisciplinary book. Join us also on Tuesday for a post by Bradley on political erasure during the coronavirus pandemic and again on Wednesday to read an excerpt from the introduction.

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