Book Excerpt! Perpetrator Cinema, By Raya Morag (preface)

This compelling book will matter as long as mass atrocities persist. Focused on the Cambodian genocide, Morag addresses a new phase in how we confront such events: films where survivors confront perpetrators face-to-face. These confrontations bring the visceral truth borne directly of human encounter to the fore with consequences both intensely personal and profoundly political.

~Bill Nichols, author of Speaking Truths with Film: Evidence, Ethics, Politics in Documentary

Perpetrator Cinema: Confronting Genocide in Cambodian Documentary explores a new trend in the cinematic depiction of genocide that has emerged in Cambodian documentary in the late twentieth- and early twenty-first centuries. Morag analyzes “duel” documentaries which create confrontational tension between the perpetrators of genocide and the first-generation survivors. Read how Morag came to study this field and what she argues the role of these documentaries.

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