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Gender and Diversity Studies

European Perspectives

Edited by Carola Bauschke-Urban and Ingrid Jungwirth

Against the backdrop of current European developments, from economic deregulation and a shrinking welfare state to the dissolution and reinforcement of borders, this book examines the development of gender and diversity studies in different European regions and beyond.

Interventions Against Child Abuse and Violence Against Women

Ethics and culture in practice and policy

Edited by Carol Hagemann-White, Liz Kelly, and Thomas Meysen

This book offers insights from a study of cultural encounters in intervention against violence in four EU countries. Seeking a deeper understanding of the underpinnings of intervention practices, this study explored variations in institutional structures and traditions of law, policing, and social welfare.

Educating Students with Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experiences

A Commitment to Humanity

Maura Sellars

This book examines the educational systems into which students with refugee backgrounds are placed when relocated into their new homelands. The authors propose ways in which these students can be educated with policies and perspectives that respect diversity, using a primary school in Australia dedicated to holistic education as an example.

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