Announcing Our Spring 2020 Catalog

Dear Readers,

One of the most challenging questions we all face is how to balance thinking and action. That’s why I’m so proud to announce the books in this catalog, in which extraordinary writers and scholars lead the way in tying together theory and practice.

Columbia’s Bernard E. Harcourt offers an inspiring and profound model for reconciling the two, Critique and Praxis, an essential book for readers looking to revisit left-wing thought in light of today’s social movements.

Sustainable Food Production and Rethinking Readiness, written by leading figures from Columbia University’s Earth Institute, display a deep commitment to making expert knowledge available for the public good. Explaining the key issues in agriculture and emergency management, both highlight the importance of interdisciplinary research in tackling climate change and other twenty-first-century challenges.

Faced with a shocking rise in right-wing domestic terrorism, Arie Perliger’s American Zealots helps us understand where this violence comes from and how to react to it. And as conflict continues to roil the Middle East, Gilles Kepel’s Away from Chaos offers insight into how the world can respond.

This season we welcome three new distributed presses—the Association for Asian Studies (p. 90), Fernwood Publishing, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Complementing our strengths in Asian studies, critical political engagement, and sustainability in public policy, these remarkable publishers are at the forefront of integrating theory and practice to shape global conversations.

To publish these groundbreaking books, we rely on our readers, partners, and the university community. We are grateful for your support of our books and our mission—and we hope that you are inspired by them to act.

Jennifer Crewe, Associate Provost and Director

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