Announcing Our 2021-2022 Sociology Catalog

Letter from the editor:

It is with great pleasure that, on behalf of my colleagues at Columbia University Press, I introduce this year’s sociology catalog. The books in this catalog exemplify the quality of scholarship that we prize, and they reflect the interdisciplinary and thematic approach that we take to publishing.

We remain in interesting times in the wider world, and a number of titles in this year’s catalog resonate with current events. Racism, Not Race by Joseph L. Graves Jr. and Alan Goodman provides a clear scientific foundation for antiracism practice. Guobin Yang in The Wuhan Lockdown takes us inside Wuhan as it responds to the soon-to-be global pandemic. Our colleagues Thomas J. Sugrue and Caitlin Zaloom at Public Books present The Long Year: A 2020 Reader, a necessary overview of an incredible year.

This is also a significant year for theory, including Paul Starr and Julian E. Zelizer on the legacy of Daniel Bell; Neil Gross, Isaac Ariail Reed, and Christopher Winship on pragmatism in sociology; newly translated lectures on sexuality by Michel Foucault; and a biography of Albert O. Hirschman by Michele Alacevich.

There are many other authors and subjects that are not to be missed, including Giacomo Negro and Michael T. Hannan on wine markets; Horacio Ortiz on valuation; Jason Schnittker on anxiety; Kevin Loughran on postmodern parks; Michael Siciliano on creatives; K.C. Carceral and Michael Flaherty on prison time; Nicole Iturriaga on forensics and history; and Terry Williams on sex in New York’s recent past.

This is a great group of books and there is still much to come. We look forward to continuing to share this intellectually engaging journey with you. Thank you for your support.

Eric I. Schwartz, Ph.D., Editorial Director

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