Announcing Our Fall 2019 Catalog


Dear readers,

Our fall catalog demonstrates the effort we make at Columbia University Press to bring global perspectives to contemporary issues. These books represent the remarkable achievements of our authors in considering the dynamics of social change in a turbulent era.

Columbia authors are leaders in finding solutions for the environmental crisis that balance social, political, and ecological concerns. Jeffrey D. Sachs. takes the long view, seeing all of history as a story of globalization in order to find hope for today. And Karl Coplan’s Live Sustainably Now offers an encouraging picture of the possibilities for individual action that acknowledges the global nature of the problem

The timely theme of “resistance” unites the works of Dana Fisher (American Resistance) and Olivier Wieviorka (The Resistance in Western Europe, 1940–1945). From analyzing the tactics of activists pushing back against Donald Trump to exploring the anti-Nazi underground in war-torn Europe, our authors not only extend the frontiers of scholarship but also offer powerful stories of how ordinary people can take part in major struggles.

Our titles this season emphasize the global scale, past and present. The First Political Order explains the centrality of male domination of women in all societies around the world throughout recorded history. In Peace on Our Terms, Mona L. Siegel highlights the international scope of women’s activism after World War One. And with Paek Nam-nyong’s Friend, we present an unprecedented translation of a North Korean novel that reveals shared humanity despite deep differences.

We are inspired and sustained by our readers, partners, and the university community that helps us publish these groundbreaking works. Thank you for your support of our books and our mission.

Jennifer CreweAssociate Provost and Director

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