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Reforming Modernity

Ethics and the New Human in the Philosophy of Abdurrahman Taha

Wael B. Hallaq

Reforming Modernity is a sweeping intellectual history and philosophical reflection built around the work of the philosopher Abdurrahman Taha. Wael B. Hallaq explores how Taha’s philosophical project sheds light on recent intellectual currents in the Islamic world and puts forth a formidable critique of Western and Islamic modernities.

Cook, Taste, Learn

How the Evolution of Science Transformed the Art of Cooking

Guy Crosby

Guy Crosby offers a lively tour of the history and science behind the art of cooking, in Cook, Taste, Learn, with a focus on achieving a healthy daily diet. He traces the evolution of cooking from its earliest origins, recounting the innovations that have unraveled the mysteries of health and taste.

United States Special Operations Forces

Second Edition

David Tucker and Christopher J. Lamb

In United States Special Operations Forces two national-security experts put the exploits of America’s special operation forces in historical and strategic context. This second edition of United States Special Operations Forces, revised throughout to account for lessons learned in the twelve years since its first publication, includes two new case studies.

Sex in the Brain

How Seizures, Strokes, Dementia, Tumors, and Trauma Can Change Your Sex Life

Amee Baird

Amee Baird explores memorable cases of brain injuries and disease that have effected significant changes in sexual behavior and reveals what these exceptional stories have to say about human sexuality. Each chapter includes striking personal accounts, many from individuals Baird has met in her clinical practice, of unexpected changes in sexuality.

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