New Book Tuesday! The Story of the Dinosaurs in 25 Discoveries, How Much Inequality is Fair?, Playing Dystopia, and More!

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The Story of the Dinosaurs in 25 Discoveries

Amazing Fossils and the People Who Found Them

Donald R. Prothero

New in Paper!

How Much Inequality Is Fair?

Mathematical Principles of a Moral, Optimal, and Stable Capitalist Society

Venkat Venkatasubramanian

New in Paper!


William Wells Brown and the Aesthetic of Attractions

Geoffrey Sanborn

Playing Dystopia

Nightmarish Worlds in Video Games and the Player’s Aesthetic Response

Gerald Farca

Artistic Transfer

Efficiency Through Unruly Thinking

Ursula Bertram

Games and Bereavement

How Video Games Represent Attachment, Loss, and Grief

Sabine Harrer

Sweet Home Chicago?

Mexican Migration and the Question of Belonging and Return

Franziska Bedorf

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