New Book Tuesday! Melodrama Unbound, Asia’s Space Race, and More!

Our weekly listing of new books is now available!

Religious Statecraft

The Politics of Islam in Iran

Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar

Strategies for Work with Involuntary Clients

third edition

Edited by Ronald H. Rooney and Rebecca G. Mirick

Home- and Community-Based Services for Older Adults

Aging in Context

Keith A. Anderson, Holly I. Dabelko-Schoeny, and Noelle L. Fields

Melodrama Unbound

Across History, Media, and National Cultures

Edited by Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams

Asia’s Space Race

National Motivations, Regional Rivalries, and International Risks

James Clay Moltz

Cut of
the Real

Subjectivity in Poststructuralist Philosophy

Katerina Kolozova. Foreword by François Laruelle

Kosher USA

How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food

Roger Horowitz

Parable and Politics in Early Islamic History

The Rashidun Caliphs

Tayeb El-Hibri

No Country

Working-Class Writing in the Age of Globalization

Sonali Perera

New From Auteur!


Jon Towlson


Omar Ahmed

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