New Book Tuesday: Data Love, The Gnostic New Age, and More New Books

Data Love

Our weekly listing of new titles now available:

Data Love: The Seduction and Betrayal of Digital Technologies
Roberto Simanowski; Translated by Brigitte Pichon, Dorian Rudnytsky, and John Cayley

The Gnostic New Age: How a Countercultural Spirituality Revolutionized Religion from Antiquity to Today
April D. DeConick

Chinese History and Culture: Seventeenth Century Through Twentieth Century
Ying-shih Yü; With the Editorial Assistance of Josephine Chiu-Duke and Michael S. Duke

Minor Characters Have Their Day: Genre and the Contemporary Literary Marketplace
Jeremy Rosen

Egocentricity and Mysticism: An Anthropological Study
Ernst Tugendhat. Translated by Alexei Procyshyn and Mario Wenning

Alienation (Now available in paper)
Rahel Jaeggi. Translated by Frederick Neuhouser and Alan E. Smith. Edited by Frederick Neuhouser

Towards a New Russian Work Culture: Can Western Companies and Expatriates Change Russian Society?
Vladimir V. Karacharovskiy, Ovsey I. Shkaratan, and Gordey A. Yastrebov. Foreword by Elena N. Danilova
(ibidem Press)

Medical Philosophy: A Philosophical Analysis of Patient Self-Perception in Diagnostics and Therapy
David Låg Tomasi. Foreword by Friedrich Luft
(ibidem Press)

Gendering European Integration Theory: Engaging New Dialogues
Edited by Gabriele Abels and Heather MacRae
(Barbara Budrich Publishers)

Staging the Ottoman Turk: British Drama, 1656–1792
Esin Akalin
(ibidem Press)

The Holocaust in Central European Literatures and Cultures: Problems of Poetization and Aestheticization
Edited by Reinhard Ibler
(ibidem Press)

Contributions to Alternative Concepts of Knowledge
Edited by Michael Kuhn and Hebe Vessuri
(ibidem Press)

The Global Social Sciences: Under and Beyond European Universalism
Edited by Michael Kuhn and Hebe Vessuri
(ibidem Press)

How the Social Sciences Think about the World’s Social: Outline of a Critique
Michael Kuhn
(ibidem Press)

The Pursuit of Pleasure: Overcoming a Civilizational Challenge
Arsen Dallan and Karlen Dallakyan
(ibidem Press)

Academic Culture: An Analytical Framework for Understanding Academic Work: A Case Study about the Social Science Academe in Japan
Kazumi Okamoto
(ibidem Press)

The Foreigner’s Guide to German Universities: Origin, Meaning, and Use of Terms and Expressions in Everyday University Life
Albrecht Behmel and Kelly Neudorfer
(ibidem Press)

Forum für osteuropäische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte: Die Kirchen im Sozialismus am Beispiel Russlands und Polens
Edited by Leonid Luks, Gunter Dehnert, John Andreas Fuchs, Nikolaus Lobkowicz, Alexei Rybakow, and Andreas Umland
(ibidem Press)

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