Introducing "Economic Thought"

Economic Thought and The Power of a Single Number

“Does this mean that economics preserves everything that is correct and valuable and disposes of everything that is wrong and misleading? Is the market for economic ideas a perfectly functioning selection mechanism? Unfortunately, the answer is no.'” — Heinz Kurz

This week, we are featuring two exciting new economics titles: Economic Thought: A Brief History, by Heinz Kurz, and The Power of a Single Number: A Political History of GDP, by Philipp Lepenies. Today, we are happy to present Heinz Kurz’s introduction to Economic Thought, in which he lays out his project (“A history of economic thought in some 200 pages? Impossible!”), and explains why understanding how our views of economics have changed over time is crucial in informing our current views of the economy and how it works.

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