New Book Tuesday: Carl Schmitt, Terry Gilliam, Losing a Million Dollars, and More New Titles

The Cinema of Terry GilliamTo Carl Schmitt: Letters and Reflections
Jacob Taubes; Translated by Keith Tribe and with an introduction by Mike Grimshaw

What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars
Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan

Social Justice and the Urban Obesity Crisis: Implications for Social Work
Melvin Delgado

The Cinema of Terry Gilliam: It’s a Mad World
Edited by Jeff Birkenstein, Anna Froula, and Karen Randell

The First Chinese American: The Remarkable Life of Wong Chin Foo
Scott D. Seligman

Studying French Cinema
Isabelle Vanderschelden

Scotland’s Choices: How Independence and Devolution Max Would Work
Iain McLean, Guy Lodge, and Jim Gallagher

From Szlachta Culture to the XXI Century, Between East and West. New Essays on Joseph Conrad’s Polishness: Conrad: Eastern and Western Perspectives, Vol. XXII
Wiesław Krajka

Carpatho-Rusyn Studies: An Annotated Bibliography: Vol. V: 2005-2009
Compiled by Paul Robert Magocsi

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